SVJFAC seeks to instill in the youth of our community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect so that they may grow to be good and healthy men and women. These objectives will be achieved by providing competitive football t

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Please carefully read and consider each position prior to making or accepting a nomination. To view a list of job descriptions for each position go to documents on the left hand menu and then executive board job descriptions.

Nominations can be emailed to Adam Rathfon ( - no later than one week prior to the November 2021 General Meeting



-2022 Nominees

Kristina Deaton (accepted)



-2022 Nominees

Justin Burgh (accepted)




-2022 Nominees

John Burlund (accepted)



-2022 Nominees

Amy Canty (accepted)




-2022 Nominees​

 Ali Irvin (accepted)



-2022 Nominees

Chris Deaton (accepted)




-2022 Nominees

Adam Rathfon (accepted)




-2022 Nominees

Bill Och (accepted)



-2022 Nominees

Erin Steiner (accepted)



-2022 Nominees

Josh Summerville (accepted)



-2022 Nominees

Nate Sannes (accepted)

Jennie Wheeler (accepted)




More information about elections, board positions and membership voting rights can be found in our Bi-Laws:


Election of officers will take place at the November general membership meeting. Nominations can be made up to one week prior to the election.  Nominations will be accepted or declined at least three days prior to the  election. The election ballot will list names of all candidates that have accepted nominations for board positions. The election ballot will only formally allow for a write in candidate in the event that a board position remains vacant at  the deadline of the nomination process. Nominations from the floor will only be taken if no nominations have been accepted prior to the election. The terms of the newly elected officers will run from the close of the December general  meeting through the following December general meeting. Any position left  vacant after the election will be filled through an appointment and approval by  the newly elected Executive Board. At the deadline of the nomination process, an individual may only accept one  nomination of a board position. At the deadline of the nomination process, an individual may only accept one  nomination of a board position.

Voting Rights: under membership section:

The parents of all boys and girls participating in the programs offered by this  association are considered members and may attend all meetings until such  time that their child does not re register for the coming season or another child  in their household does not register to participate. In addition, a person may  become a member of the Association by being elected to the Executive Board by the general membership, or by being appointed to a volunteer leadership  role such as Coach, Co-Coordinator or a Chairperson position by the Executive  Board for the length of his/her term. In order to become a voting member, a  person must attend two (2) consecutive general meetings and will be eligible to vote at the second general meeting. If a member misses three (3) consecutive  general membership meetings, he/she will become a non-voting member until  such time as he/she attends the required (2) consecutive general membership meetings. The recording secretary will keep attendance records at all meetings.